Friday, April 6, 2012

The Good Home Company: Entire Selection of Laundry and Home Products. 55% OFF TODAY ONLY!

Original: $6 - $25
GMA Exclusive Discount: $2.70 - $11.25
55% savings on all items
Valid: 4/6/12

The Good Home Company is a woman-owned business that manufactures a line of home cleaning products that are luxurious and environmentally friendly. Popular products include scented hand sanitizers; scented clothespins (soaked in essential oils, which work well in storage boxes or even a gym bag); laundry detergent and laundry fragrance (your clothing has never smelled as wonderfully as it will with these products -- Kim Kardashian bought the "Beach Days" scent recently); vacuum beads (put these in the vacuum canister to create a wonderful room scent when vacuuming -- "Pure Grass" smells like a fresh spring day); and sheet and clothing spray (ideal between dry cleaning or on sheets for a fresh scent).

Standard UPS Ground shipping rates are determined by product weight and distance.

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