Tuesday, September 25, 2012

RECIPE: Stuffed Pepper Soup

The stuffed pepper soup is really easy.....2lbs. ground beef, 1 small onion diced, 2-3 green

peppers diced, 2 cups cooked brown rice, 1 large can diced tomatoes, 1 large can of tomato 

sauce...brown sugar to your taste ( I usually start with 1 tablespoon )

I usually DOUBLE the ingredients so I get a big pot. Then I freeze the soup so we can have it 
during the Winter months. 

Brown your beef with the onion in stock pot with about a tablespoon of veg. oil....add 

peppers,rice, diced tomatoes w/juice, tomato sauce w/ 1 can of water....simmer for a few 

minutes than add brown sugar and simmer another 25 minutes...I usually add another large

can of diced tomatoes because we love tomatoes...you can doctor this soup to your taste...you

can't mess it up !

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