Thursday, April 19, 2012

Heath Bar Chocolate Kahlua Trifle Recipe

Here's what you need:

ONE (1) box chocolate cake mix
ONE (1) cup Kahlua
ONE (1) large box instant chocolate pudding mix
ONE (1) tub thawed Cool Whip
ONE (1) Bag of Health Bar Bits (in baking isle)
Eggs, Milk, Vegetable Oil (ingredients for the cake mix)

1.) Prepare pudding according to package directions.

2.) Prepare cake mix and bake in pan. Let Cool for 20 minutes.

3.) Poke holes in cake with handle of a wooden spoon and pour Kahlua over cake.

4.) In a glass trifle dish, layer as follows:

1/2 of the cake, crumbled
1/2 of the pudding
1/2 of the Cool Whip
1/2 of the chopped Heath bars

5.) Repeat this layer again with the final layer(s) being Cool Whip and Heath Bar.

6.) Chill for at least 2-3 hours. (The longer the better, really, and the beautiful thing is you can totally prep this ahead of time.)


  1. that looks so good.wonder if u could use reese cups

    1. You bet! You can use any kind of candy piece that you want!!!