Thursday, August 4, 2011

BEFORE coupons $17.00. AFTER coupons $6.80

I have a question for you ... Once you cut out all the coupons that you want from your Sunday paper inserts, what do you do with the rest of the coupons that you don't want? Do you keep them and put them aside until they expire OR do you throw them away???
I keep mine! AND let me tell you - I'm glad I did.
These THREE count Pepperidge Farm Milano Cookies sell at RITE AID for $1. Today I found $0.60 coupons for "ANY" Pepperidge Farm Cookies in my "DO NOT WANT THESE COUPONS" pile !!!   I just got back from RITE AID where I paid $0.40/each for these cookies!!! I had 17 coupons and I bought 17 bags :o)  SCORE!!!

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